Derby Horses

My name is Erik Orr and I am a Graphic Designer, Painter and all around artist. I am driven by visually communicating with the viewer, whether that be someone looking at one of my paintings, reading an advertisement or looking at a logo.

I grew up in the Washington DC suburbs of Northern Virginia, surrounded by the culture of citizens from all over the world. Pulling from this diverse background of experiences, I dove into art, recreationally at first, but then on a more serious level. After high school I attended Northern Virginia Community College and graduated with an Associates Degree in Communication Design. I then continued my education at George Mason University, earning a Bachelors Degree in Art and Visual Technology-Graphic Design with a minor in Art History. Once I graduated college I really wanted to get a change of pace and different experience to practice my art and settled on Louisville, Kentucky where I had a connection through a friend. I quickly fell in love with the city and all it has to offer and planted my roots. I have stayed active in the Art scene, having regular gallery shows of my paintings and also participating in group shows and various art related events. I take on freelance design projects and art commissions whenever I can to help diversify my experience.

For the past eight years I have been employed as a Graphic Designer, then Regional Production Manager, at Job News, a multi-million dollar recruitment solutions company based in Louisville that focuses on connecting companies with jobseekers through print, web, radio and TV advertising as well as job fairs. My time at Job News has given me invaluable experience in the standards of good design and form/function balance in my work. Speed is a crucial component at Job News as each designer creates 20-30 ads per day, which has given me the skills to move quickly, problem solve design issues and get the work out the door. 3 years ago I was promoted to Regional Production Manager at Job News which requires me being the liaison between the sales force in 10 cities across the nation and our graphics department here in Louisville. I am responsible for overseeing the transfer of work orders from the sales managers to the creative team. This includes checking to make sure all necessary information and files are included to be able to complete the Advertisement. In this position I am able to strengthen my communications skills, solve problems and help steer the department in positive directions for the employees and the company. I have used my knowledge as a Graphic Designer in this leadership role to help guide the policies that I believe will improve the performance of the team and bottom line for the company.

I have also participated in solo and group shows as much as possible over the past 8 years. My working relationship has primarily been with Revelry Gallery, although I have also had my work in others such as Tim Faulkner Gallery as well as various shows/establishments around the city. I have a constant rotation of work in Revelry Gallery and have participated in many shows there. Fine art is a personal passion that I will continue to pursue in my personal time no matter which way my career advances and I always plan to stay in tune with the art scene in Louisville and elsewhere.

Insight on my last solo show of paintings ‘ResoLOUtion’